Affiliate Programs: Products, Drones & Greenhouses

EasyGrowFood Affiliates

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Over this next year we will be introducing amazing new patent pending products to make growing food available to most people - from countertop micro green EasyGrow Systems, BEAM coated seedling trays, Seed rope that enable a novice grower to produce veggies like a Master Gardener and more.  This ecosystem will be comprehensive, extensive and hugely popular in the marketplace.  It is perfect for Party sales and can be the basis for a significant additional income stream. And - it is entirely eco friendly and will improve food security on a global basis.  Checking in later in the year to see when this program will be available. 

Drone Application Affiliates 

BEAM Bio Inoculant is an integral part of the emerging Regenerative Agriculture Systems which are 'Future of Agriculture' and Regional Food Production. 

Simply put, regenerative agricultural principles involve: Restoring and supporting/nuturing key biology in the soil through 1. BEAM bio inoculation, 2. seeding cover crops, 3. Foliar application of vital trace minerals 4. intercrop seeding of broad acre crops and 5. Field/Crop Mapping.  EasyGrowFood is strategically positioned to be a leader in the use of Agricultural Drones to fulfil these critical and necessary functions.  We can offer training, access to the most powerful and technically advance agricultural drone systems and machinery, BEAM and associated innovative inoculated seed applications.  Drone technology can apply products and functions at a tiny fraction of the cost compared to massively expensive and fuel hungry metal tractors/sprayers. The technical expertise to operate drones limits the entry into this field and the potential market size is immense. This is an exciting career opportunity for motivated, enterprising individuals with nearly unlimited potential.

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Solar GreenHouse Affiliates

EasyGrowFood's sister organization is introducing revolutionary new Dual-Beam solar greenhouse systems that drastically reduce or eliminate the need for expensive heating costs and permits year around growing in some of the coldest climate areas of North America.  The design also is available with hot weather options for hot, sunny climates without the need for huge air conditioning systems and expense.  These will make regional production of food and mushrooms on a distributed basis possible at scale.  Reasonable costs and very "Rapid Return on Investment" will make these greenhouses popular and successful.  We are looking for greenhouse specialist affiliates who love growing and want to concentrate on the marketing, education and support of these greenhouses/mushroom houses using the latest regenerative technologies and products. An example of the open-ended opportunity?  Every new Tesla restaurant soon to be located near most nationwide Tesla charging stations can benefit from nearby fresh food produced in the all season, solar greenhouses. This emerging local and fresh food production greenhouse industry will bring greater food security, fresher bionutrient dense food and improved health to communities.  See for additional details.

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