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BEAM Instruction Manual

1oz. / 5 Gal. of non chlorinated water

Spray on Seeds just prior to Planting

Spray on Soil in MicroGreen trays, Seedlings, Potted Plants, Grow Pots, Garden Rows 

1oz. / 50 lbs. seed 

1oz. / 1361 sq. ft

Seed inoculation:  Place a pinch of BEAM in the seed packet and shake to ensure a good coating.  Surplus inoculant can be reused by straining contents through a fine sieve onto a piece of paper or paper plate.  Application rate: 1 oz treats 50 lbs of seed.  A small amount goes a long ways.  Spores and other microbes are nearly microscopic and may not be visible to the naked eye.

Seedlings:  apply the inoculant by spraying BEAM solution on the seedling soil, dunk bare roots in a solution or spray the solution in the soil where seedlings are to be planted. 


32oz. / acre (43,560 sq. ft)

15oz. / 20,415 sq. ft

2 kilograms / Hectare

20 grams  / 100 sq. meters

Spray solutions on seeds before drilling in or drip in similar to applying liquid fertilizer

Solutions of BEAM may also be added to irrigation water similar to adding liquid fertilizer

Very small amounts of BEAM will contain many hundreds of thousands of diverse types and hundreds of millions of spores and bacteria.

 Application Options 

Make Up Solutions:

Just place 1 oz. of BEAM  in 5 gallons of non-chlorinated water and 'Swirl' around for a few minutes.  This rinses the spore off of any residual organic material and into the water.  Pour this mixture through the strainer to remove fibrous material that may clog the sprayer.  This solution can then be applied with a sprayer to seed germination trays, seedlings, GrowPots, MicroGreens and rows of garden plants.  It can also be applied in a very fine spray to seeds just prior to placing the seeds in the soil.

Do not make 'compost teas' using oxygen bubblers and other ingredients such as molasses. It is not necessary because BEAM already is a highly concentrated fungal dominant highly diverse material.  Plants will have all the types of microbes necessary from the inoculation by BEAM to form beneficial associations in sufficient quantities to boost their germination and growth.

The most effective site of application is on seeds and soil; overspray on foliage is harmless but inoculation of the soil/microbiome is the optimal site of action.

Use as a Powder

We will soon be offering a powdered form of BEAM which can be applied as a fine 'dusting' to seeds prior to planting or added to potting soil mixes prior to  use.  Test which method works best for you to achieve optimal results.


BEAM is best stored in a sealed bag at a comfortable room temperature.  It should not have any 'off' odors or discolouration.  Spores and dormant bacteria in nature can endure the harshest climatic conditions for extended periods of time so the shelf life be a minimum of 10 years, and probably much longer, if properly stored in a container (at comfortable room temperatures).


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