Application Options

Recommended Amounts per Area

32oz. / acre (43,560 sq. ft)
 1oz. / 1361 sq. ft
2 kilograms / Hectare
20 grams  / 100 sq. meters


Very small amount of BEAM will contain many hundreds of thousands of diverse types and hundreds of millions of spores and bacteria.

 Make Up Solutions:

Just place the BEAM required as shown above in the strainer bag and swirl around in 5 gallons of non chlorinated water for a few minutes.  This rinses the spore off of any residual organic material and into the water.  This can then be applied with a sprayer to seed germination trays, seedlings and garden plants.  It can also be applied in a very fine spray to seeds just prior to placing the seeds in the soil.

Do not make 'compost teas' using oxygen bubblers and other ingredients such as molasses. It is not necessary because BEAM already is a highly concentrated fungal dominant highly diverse material.  Plants will have all the types of microbes necessary to form beneficial associations in sufficient quantities to boost their germination and growth.


Use as a Powder

Small amount of BEAM may also be dried and powdered and applied as a fine 'dusting' to seeds prior to planting or added to potting soil mixes prior to  use.  Test which method works best for you to achieve optimal results.



BEAM is best stored in a sealed bag at a comfortable room temperature.  It should not have any 'off' odors or discolouration.  Spores and dormant bacteria in nature can endure the harshest climatic conditions for extended periods of time so we expect the 'shelf life' of BEAM to be long.