Easy Grow Food - BEAM available NOW in limited amounts

  BEAM is available in limited quantities NOW.

Later this year:   All- season greenhouses, Mushroom greenhouses, seed rope, pelleted seed and other groundbreaking growing technologies making food easier to grow.  

 What is BEAM and what does it do?

BEAM is a biologically active, fungal dominant soil booster inoculate.  The New Green revolution


  • Increased germination rates.
  • Healthier and larger seedlings for subsequent transplant into your garden.
  • Creates a highly bio-active soil that converts essential minerals in the soil into a more available form the plants can utilise for growth and development..
  • Reduces the need for either compost or chemical fertilizers, when properly applied – to garden or farm field.
  • High potential to double, or even triple production of your garden or farmland.
  • Avoids the unsustainable processes currently used on mono-culture food crops.
  • Reduces the need to till the soil, which is destructive to soil health.
  • Reduces the need for chemical weed control.
  • Increased infiltration of irrigation and rainwater, greatly reducing runoff.
  • Holds great potential for the future of farmland preservation globally!

    "Thank You" -  The Easy Grow Team